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Note: The below information is simply for background and history. Since 2018 Baskerville continues to consult only on a voluntary and gratis basis, and no longer does commercial work. Many listed as references are deceased. The listings of memberships and contacts are also not current.

• I have known David Baskerville for over 60 years. He is a most competent, ethical, compassionate person. He has been a successful athlete, clergy man, business man, husband and father. There have been times in my life when I needed advice and direction and David was a good provider for me. I can highly recommend David for any type of counseling one would need.

John P. (Jack) Burkhalter
Division Vice-president, retired
Cargill, INC.

• David Baskerville is a skilled counselor with years of successful experience in building successful operations in a challenging cross cultural context. His proven track record in managing Weyerhauser's Japan and other Asia operations and then taking over Siecor's business here and increasing it from zero to 22% is a remarkable record of achievement. When I served as Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs in Tokyo I relied on Dave to help me participate effectively in overseas programs where we were reaching out to American executives from a variety of industry sectors. Dave was the perfect partner in this effort because of his broad knowledge of the Japanese market, his empathy with counterpart business leaders and his insight into the personal dimension of effective management. I would highly recommend Dave Baskerville.

Sam Kidder
Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, retired

• David is a former MBA student who I have known well for more than 40 years, staying with him several times in Japan and sharing our home with him here in the US. David's great strengths come from fluency in the Japanese language, long experience with their business culture, and practical experience at many different levels from apprentice to CEO, both in the US and Japan. I trust his business judgment, as did those Japanese executives who elected him to their most respected business association.

Bruce R. Scott
Professor emeritus, Harvard Business School


James C. Abegglen
Asia Advisory Service KK
Michael Mansfield
U.S. Ambassador to Japan (ret.)
U.S. Senator
Michael H. Armacost
U.S. Ambassador to Japan
President (ret.)
Brookings Institution
Ramon Martin-Busutil
President (ret.)
Blockbuster International Corporation
Joseph R. Baczko
President (ret.)
Toys R Us International
Pace University Lubin School of Business
Yoshihiko Miyauchi
Orix Corporation
Earl Barnette
Vice President-International Marketing(ret.)
DSC Communication Corporation
Masaya Miyoshi
President & Director General (ret.)
Chairman (ret.)
FM Japan (Jwave)
William J. Best, Jr.
Vice-President (ret.)
A.T. Kearney
Yuzaburo Mogi
Kikkoman Corporation
Jeff Bingaman
Senator (D-NM) (ret.)
George Mu
Minister (ret.)
Foreign Commercial Service (FCS)
U.S. Ambassador to Ivory Coast (ret.)
Herbert A. Cochran
Director, East Asia & Pacific,
The Commercial Service (ret.)
U.S. Dept. of Commerce
Tsunehiro Nakayama
Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Company
Norwell J. Coquillard
U.S. Chamber of Commerce-Shanghai
Sho Nasu
Chairman (ret.)
Tokyo Electric Power Company
Kenneth C. Courtis
Vice Chairman-Asia (ret.)
Goldman Sachs

Risaburo Nezu
Deputy Director-General
For Trade Negotiations (ret.)
Senior Executive
Fujitsu Institute

Dick Drobnick
Vice Provost-International Affairs
University of Southern California
Robert M. Orr, Jr.
President (ret.)
Boeing Japan
U.S. Ambassador
Asia Development Bank
Robert E. Fallon
Group Executive (ret.)
Global Financial Services
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Gregory Page
Cargill Inc.
Victor K. Fung
Li & Fung Ltd.
John Petersen III
Chairman (ret.)
State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB)
Glen S. Fukushima
President (ret.)
Airbus Japan K.K.
Thierry Porté
President (ret.)
Morgan Stanley Japan Ltd.
Chairman (ret.)
Shinsei Bank (ret.)
F. Michael Galbraith
Managing Director (ret.)
Clariden Asset Management Ltd.
William Potter
Meredith Financial Group
Tsunao Hashimoto
Senior Advisor (ret.)
Sony Corporation
Clyde V. Prestowitz, Jr.
The Economic Strategy Institute
Shozo Hashimoto
Chairman (ret.)
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
John D. Rockefeller, IV
Senator, (D-WV) (ret.)
Masaru Hayami
Chairman (ret.)
Nihon Keizai Doyukai
Chairman (ret.)
Bank of Japan
Nobutada G. Saji
Suntory Limited
Reinsuke Hara
President (ret.)
Seiko Instruments Inc.
Richard Samuels
Professor, Japan Program
Joseph D. Hicks
President (ret.)
Siecor Corporation
Nathan Sarkisian
Senior Vice President, CFO (ret.)
Altera Corporation
Dennis F. Hightower
President-Television & Telecommunications (ret.)
Walt Disney Company
Deputy Secretary (ret.)
U.S. Department of Commerce
Bruce Scott
Professor Emeritus
Harvard Business School
Minoru Inoue
Senior Advisor
The Bank of Tokyo, Ltd.
Robert L. Schuyler
Executive Vice President, CFO (ret.)
Weyerhaeuser Company

Toshiaki Irie
Senior Advisor
Nippon Motorola Ltd.
Sachio Senmoto
Executive Vice President (ret.)
DDI Corporation
eAccess Ltd.
Kazuyoshi Ishizaka
Senior Advisor (ret.)
Kenwood Corporation
Shuya Shibasaki
Executive Vice President (ret.)
Kandenko Co., Ltd.
Scott Klug
Congressman (ret.)
U.S. House of Representatives (R-WI)
Yasuma Sugihara
Chairman (ret.)
Mobil Oil KK
Mr. Samuel H. Kidder
Commercial Minister (ret.)
Foreign Commercial Services
U.S. Embassy, Tokyo
Executive Director (ret.)
American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Yoshio Tateishi
Chairman Emeritus
Omron Corporation


Yotaro Kobayashi
Chairman Emeritus
Fuji Xerox Corporation
Nihon Keizai Doyukai
Alan R. Turley
Vice President-International Affairs
Federal Express Corporation (ret.)
John P. Kotter
Harvard Business School
Robert J. Wilson
Chairman (ret.)
Anixter Corporation

Stuart L. Levenick
Group President (ret.)
Caterpillar Inc.

Richard Yount
Executive Vice President (ret.)
Motorola Inc.
William A. Linton
Promega Corporation
Masao Yukawa
Corporate Advisor (ret.)
Toyota Motor Corporation
Sandy Lyons
Executive Vice President (ret.)
Corning Inc.
The River Group
Joseph A. Swanson
Professor Emeritus
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University