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What does Baskerville Do?

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As an Executive Consultant and Counselor, Baskerville works with executives of very large and small corporations, both U.S. and overseas based, for strategic planning and coaching on a one-on-one very confidential basis. (On occasion leaders of non-profit organizations are also served.) Given that leaders often become somewhat isolated from their boards / peers / reportees and encounter significant and difficult challenges of both an organizational and individual nature, these exchanges are content based. They also often involve very personal matters as well. The equation includes providing informally a confidential sounding board, an outside perspective, skill improvement, strategy implementation, coaching, and in some cases review of trial balloons / decision options.

Work is done on both a one-time and regular retainer basis. Fees are based on size of organization and location in U.S.A. or the world, and agreed to before any work is done - usually with a simply signed agreement, occasionally via handshake. Travel and lodging costs, with exceptions, are charged.

Recently, Baskerville has devoted a major share of his time to StretchTargets.org.